The painted ceiling of the Chodorow synagogue (17th c., reconstruction  of Bet ha-Tefutzot).The Temple of Lwow. Postcard, early 20th c.Maurycy Gottlieb.  Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur, 1878

Study day of the Israeli learning community of The Research Project on Galician & Bukovinian Jewry

28.08.2018, 14:00-18:00, The Hebrew University, Beit Belgia


Session 1:

R' Baruch Yitzhak Rosenblum,


Advanced center for the research of Galician and Bukovinian Rabbinic culture


 The Intellectual Work of Nachman Krochmal in View of the Religious Enlightenment in Galicia

Chair: prof. Yehoyada Amir, The Hebrew Union College







Session 2:


Dr. Yohanan Ben-Yaakov,

Bar-Ilan University


Ha'Shomer Ha'Dati" Youth Movement in the Interwar Period: Tensions between its Branches in Galicia and in "Congress Poland'


Chair: Dr. Ido Basu